All key social events in the City are posted on our neighborhood sites, this is an interactive calendar which allows you to submit your event for free. Events can be viewed by week, weekend, month etc and users can easily click the calendar button to add those events to their agenda as a reminder.
We can easily feature your event here if you wish and have it sent out to local residents .

City Social Events
Our events program is a very important way for us to cement the relationship between business and
resident. These social gatherings are NOT just about food and drink.

At our events we try to bring together a varied group of products and services. This way we better
target the demographics of the residents in our network, while creating a truly unique experience for all
parties involved


In each building that is within our network, we organize two events per year which are called the “Meet
your Neighbors, Our last event at Neo Vertika attracted 740 people and included 38 vendors

Planning a good event may sound is but the real test is the results and this can only be tested by feedback.
He is a sample of ours at one of our most recent events.

86% of the comment cards showed a 10 out of 10 rating and 92 % also commenting they wanted the same event and card system in their building.


This event was in a residential building but they can equally be done in commercial buildings as well.

Business Event Planning
Because of our vast network we are able to offer specialized planning and execution of events at your business. If you are interested to know more contact us.
If you want to see recent photos of different events check out our gallery of previous events at “Find Out What's Going On in City Social World “ at the bottom of this website.

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