Miami City Social


Unlike most other marketing and PR companies that use third party networks we have created our own,  Miami City Social and has a growing membership of over 20,000 , aged 25 -54 with an average of $100,000+ household incomes . The network is micro local and focuses on middle to higher end residential and commercial buildings. 

Members of Miami City Social are provided with a digital card that is held on a smart phone and can be used to save money or gain value added products in over 265 participating businesses.

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We also provide and Events Calendar – This is sent out weekly to our members, property managers and concierges and to our full data base which includes 128,000 residents located within a 6 mile radius of Downtown Miami. Here we selected the top two events of the day for a 7 day period.


Miami City Social is a informational site providing news on new businesses opening in the area, its a social site with the option to make freinds and date