Digital loyalty cards & data collection



City Social World has developed a unique digital loyalty card system. The  cards are now carried on smart phones as a digital image.

It also includes data collection and co-branded cards allowing the business owner to provide cards that can be used in multiple locations

By using QR codes and providing offers,  people can be tempted to provide you with their contact details

Once scanned it can redirect them to a smart phone friendly sign up form

Customers can rate and review at the same time. Once complete the business owner retains the contact information and the client receives their personalized digital card via email

The cards can be co-branded with our Miami City Social network as see in the example below. This allows the user to utilize the card any where on the MCS network. This means unlike points cards such as Belly, Spot,Fivestar etc you are promoting your business name and not working for them promoting their card.

The Hoxton card shown here is Co-branded and therefore can be used on any of the businesses that participate in the Miami City Social's network

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