We can help you stay ahead of the crowd!

Most owners are so busy running their business, they don’t have time to stay up to date with all the latest technology, Marketing and PR opportunities.
On average 24 sales people per month will call on one business owner offering different marketing and advertising services, this is time consuming and without a consultant thousands of dollars could be wasted.
It is very easy to waste time and money on promotions and services that don't work and good local knowledge is vital.
City Social World offers you a solution to this with its expert local knowledge on all aspects of Marketing, PR and Events. We have created our own network, Miami City Social which with more than 20,000 members  makes us unique and a key influencer in the local social arena.



Its important for us to understand your goals and then analyze your current business.  This will help us to create a strategy, to increase your business over an agreed time period.
We will be able to help filter those solicitations and providing you solutions that will work.
Whether its  websites, social media, events, marketing, PR, data collection, loyalty cards, graphic design, or simple advice?


We have the team at your disposal..

With our well established database of 128,000 local residents and a strong social media presents with over 10,000 followers we have power to bring people to your business.


Social media

We can help increase your social reach..


Local business ads

Many business owners forget that to get to sites such as Yelp,  you must first pass  Google, Yahoo or Bing! Therefore is you don't have your local business ad correctly set up, you will miss out on all the traffic.

Directory sites such as Yelp use your name to gain traffic  for themselves,  maximize your name and don’t let other take advantage.


Ratings and reviews

It’s difficult to keep up with all the sites that may contain important ratings or reviews. We can help maintain and monitor all your online reviews.


Data collection

Most business owners are unaware of the importance of data collection. Thousands of people pass through their doors every year and they  have no way to reengage .

We can supply you with simple mobile applications and system to help you collect data and keep your clients engaged .


Loyallty cards

Don’t use a “Belly’, “Spot or any other card that does not contain your name, if you do you working for them! We can provide you with your own digital card system that will collect data and help you maintain ratings and reviews for your business.

The card shown here is an example of how your digital card could look.

card.pngThere are over 300 other local businesses that participate in the Miami City Social network.

The card is a digital image and it is sent to the customer’s smart phone immediately upon sign up.

To obtain the card the customer would simply scan a QR code found on marketing material in your establishment. This information would normally be provided by way of a notice accompanying their check at the point of sale or table tents. This would redirect them to an App sign up page branded with your company details.


Email marketing

Now that you are collecting data we can help you spread the word via our email marketing service. Reengage your clients or the may go somewhere else


Graphic design

Image is important and good design helps portray a good message. Our in house designers turns work around quickly so that you can promote your business


Mobile applications 

Soon everyone will be searching the web using their smart phone

Our network at MCS is ready are you?

Via our mobile site you can find out where to use the card.

A list of all the local events taking place.

Details on new businesses opening and where to find the happening spots.

Specialized deals for residents.

Happy hours taking place and what’s include



Loyalty applications



We can create unique loyalty programs that are based on a customer’s spending level

Unlike a points system they deliver a dollar valued digital certificate based on the percentage the client spends

This can be set by the business owner and works simply by the client checking in there invoice amount and date at the time of purchase





Online ordering


We can offered businesses a varied form of mobile applications

Here we are showing our new restaurant app that provides the user with  the ability to book a table from their smart phone.

See their menu, order a deliver or take out

Browse the menu , order , pay and print the order in the kitchen .

It also has a built in loyalty system based on spending






We have a proven track record in creating phenomenal events. We support over 20 non profit and charity organizations with our events.

Our events program is tailored to your target demographics, to see some of our previous events visit


Why not let us be creative for you!!



We can transform any space,  let us help you create your next create corporate event


Need sponsors? We have relationships with some of the best which include:


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