Our network-Miami City Social

City Social World has developed its own unique micro localized network and uses a multitude of techniques to engage the middle and high end local residents.

We create exclusive social networks for residential and commercial buildings allowing people to interact with each other. This is accompanied by a digital loyalty card system that provides them with discounts in local stores, boutiques and restaurants etc.

This is promoted via local events in residential buildings and businesses alike.
Our network is called Miami City Social and has a growing membership of over 20,000 , aged 25 -54 with an average of $100,000+ household incomes .

For the latest membership numbers see www.miamicitysocial.com

Events Calendar – A complete listing of all local events can be found on Miami City Social, This is sent out weekly to our members, property managers and concierges and to our full data base which includes 128,000 residents located within a 6 mile radius of Downtown Miami.

See www.miamicitysocial.com/events

Networking events-We regularly run events in residential buildings ( normally 400-800 people ), these become networking events for both residents and vendors allowing them the opportunity to promote their products.

Philanthropy events- Via our nonprofit organization NNP ( Night with Non Profit ) we run two major events per year for approximately 1,000 people. We also run small satellite events to support varied charity organizations each month.

Check http://www.citysocialworld.com./events.html

Please contact use if you would like help to promote your business

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